Employee Spotlight: Justin Cody

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Introducing Justin Cody, Mortgage Agent at Jeff Cody, Platinum Mortgages Ottawa, on Jeff Cody’s team. Justin brings an eagerness to learn and strives for excellence. He displays integrity and genuine care for our clients. In the past eleven months, Justin has acquired an impressive amount of knowledge and surpassed expectations. Under the guidance and direction of his father, Jeff Cody, who has been in the mortgage industry for more than thirty years, Justin is learning the business. He constantly attends courses and seminars and will continue to do so and grow.

The Cody team is a family team. My wife, Penny, is my administrative assistant, and now our son has joined us. We are extremely elated to be working together, sharing the challenges, and strategizing for the future.

Achieving excellence through dedication and hard work

Justin is dedicated to getting the best mortgage solution for clients and providing outstanding customer service. He is highly motivated and puts in the necessary effort to ensure success.

His expertise in computer technology has been a great asset to the Cody team. Additionally, Justin is highly skilled at negotiating with lenders and helping clients remain calm during the mortgage process.

When we asked him about why he loves working with us, he grinned and said: “I’m really enjoying the challenging mortgage industry and learning more every day. It is never boring. It is satisfying to help clients finance the largest purchase of their life!”

Jeff Cody’s Team at Jeff Cody, Platinum Mortgages Ottawa prides themselves on providing excellent customer service. We are available to answer any questions customers may have and provide them with the most up-to-date information on the mortgage market. We also provide helpful resources, such as mortgage calculators, to help customers make informed decisions.

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