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A mortgage is an excellent way to overcome financial limitations and raise money that can be spent on buying a home or starting a business and any number of useful endeavors. However, choosing the wrong mortgage plan or opting for a mortgage that goes beyond your means of repayment can be dangerous and lead to loss of property or foreclosure.

When seeking mortgage options, taking the requisite time to do a bit of research to ensure the brokerage has access to the right mortgage solution for you is a sure way to avoid delays and disappointments. Additionally, checking reviews of the brokerage you have in mind or speaking to the clients they serve is an excellent way of gauging the level of competence and mortgage expertise you can expect.

I’m Jeff Cody, a licensed mortgage broker. I am confident about my services and will not hesitate to give you references. Besides, I will gladly tell you why I am the top name in the mortgage industry. I have vast experience in the mortgage industry and have numerous satisfied clients. If you’re looking for a mortgage specialist responsive to your needs, here are a few reasons why I stand out from the rest.

My thirty-plus years of mortgage experience
As mentioned before, I bring over thirty years of mortgage-specific experience to the table and have a deep understanding of how mortgages work. My long tenure as a mortgage professional has given me self-understanding, maturity, independence and the self-confidence that helps me always find the right mortgage for my clients.

My commitment is to you
Another reason you should consider me for all your mortgage needs is that I always recommend the best mortgage for my clients, irrespective of profit and commissions. Your long-term financial well-being is my number one priority, and you can rest assured that the advice and services you receive are on point and the best for your current and future situation.

I have the resources to succeed
Today getting approved for a mortgage is more challenging than ever, and fresh requirements are being added each and every year. This said, with my volumes and national connections through Mortgage Architects, Canada, I get the best rates and offer more mortgage options for clients than banks or other brokers.

My core values
With my professional career lasting as long as it has, one of the things I’ve learned is that honesty and sincerity always pay off. I do not undercut my clients, and this has led to relationships built on mutual trust and respect. My clients also know they can depend on me even when times get rough.

I’m always there when you need me
Finally, when you choose me, you can be sure I am always there for you even after your mortgage is closed. I understand that time and tide wait for no man, and opportunities and situations can arise at any moment. Because of this, my services are available nights and weekends when required. I am there for you 24/7.

If you’re looking for a licensed mortgage broker in Ottawa, Ontario, reach out to Jeff Cody at Platinum Mortgages Ottawa, Mortgage Architects. As a highly skilled and vastly experienced mortgage specialist, I ensure that I exceed expectations and always put you first. I am known for my expert advice, and you can be assured of top-notch mortgage advice and the most competitive rates and mortgage products available from a wide range of lenders, normally with no fees. I care about my clients and will work to earn your loyalty for the life of your mortgage.

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